Matt finds himself straddling the two worlds he inhabits: the able-bodied one and the disabled one.

Matt was born without legs, but he lived to the most of his abilities, just like everyone else. Matt offers a new way of thinking and a fresh perspective to his audiences, sharing his firsthand accounts of living a unique lifestyle. In his public speaking career, he helps people understand their own situation a little better and tries to explain why people act the way they do based on the challenges they are experiencing.

Over the course of his life, Matt has owned three different businesses and worked for a Fortune 50 corporation, but today his primary occupation is speaking to the public through his company Myriad Communications. He has developed revolutionary interactive programs to encourage everyone to engage and interact with others who are different from them, and his goal is to teach individuals not to fear interacting with diverse individuals but to be excited about the potential in others.

For over a decade, Matt has been the most booked diversity speaker in the college market and has been honored with a variety of awards, but his largest accomplishment is being able to share his ideas with over a million people across the United States.

Matt has also gained recognition having played on the USA Paralympic Sitting Volleyball team for 8 years and participating in the 2000 Paralympics in Australia. He is an active member of the disabled community, yet he considers myself capable of doing what any able-bodied person can do – just in a different way.